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About American Online Learning Center   
  About American Online Learning Center  

Founded on July 25, 2013 by Jim Trakas in Independence, Ohio with a vision for improving the lives of people through practical education, American Online Learning Center exists to provide value added life learning experiences to people who take these courses.

We are all taught to “learn a lesson” when life does not go as we wish it to, and this Learning Center will do just that. Why a “Learning Center?” Life is a series of learning opportunities, and with the right information and tools at your disposal, everyone can succeed. Learning is a lifetime quest, and this Learning Center exists to satisfy the search for knowledge.

Each lesson is categorized by its title, and incorporates high-quality video, informational slides, print-outs, challenging questions that require correct answers to move forward, and more to provide a comprehensive learning experience. To be convenient and customer friendly, you can learn at your own pace, and when you have successfully completed the course, can print off a certificate, or have the information contained in the certificate emailed directly to you.

This Learning Center is much different than other corrective educational opportunities. We utilize real professionals, not actors or academics, but real experts with hands on learning that provide real world insights to our learners. These programs are diverse, and not slick Hollywood productions, they are from the streets of your community, and highly educational in nature, and on purpose not “entertaining.” You are here to learn a lesson, and a lesson will be taught that will be life altering in a meaningful way.

What is our unique corporate symbol? The founder’s father, SSgt. Peter W. Trakas, fought with the United States Army in the Second World War. His 95th Infantry Division was assigned to General George S. Patton’s 3rd Army, so the “A” stands for the name of the company, as well as the pride of the U.S. Army, the 3rd Army. Patton stood for greatness and courage. So do we, and this small tribute shows our desire to be a learning center with ideals as great as the liberators of Europe. The shield is the American Union shield, long used in American history as a symbol of a great nation. Together, they form the identity of a great company committed to improving the lives of its customers.



  Mission Statement  

It is the mission of American Online Learning Center to provide outstanding, effective, and life changing corrective educational content to people in need of our services. We pledge high quality, real world advice from top experts in their fields with deep practical experience in assisting real people from our communities, so that those who take our courses will be able to live productive lives based on proven principles that anyone can adopt. You are our success story, and every day we turn people’s lives around for the better. At AOLC, our motto is “Expert Courses; Improved Lives,” we mean it, and it starts and ends with the people who benefit from our courses.



  Our Founder and His Vision  

Former Ohio State Representative Jim Trakas founded this organization to provide a beneficial service to our customers. After a lifetime of serving others as a city councilman, political party chairman, state representative, and state agency director, Jim Trakas founded this organization to help people to overcome adversity through education.

Jim is involved in the community in measurable ways, helping charities, religious institutions, political causes, educational opportunities, and trying to live his life as the scriptures taught, to do onto others as we would have them do unto us.

Jim is on active duty with the Ohio Military Reserve, 4th Civil Support and Sustainment Brigade HQ Company as an Officer Candidate and hopes to graduate as 2nd Lieutenant. He is Chairman of the Board of the Frederick Douglass and George V. Voinovich Reclamation Academies in Cleveland, Ohio, drop out recovery schools dedicated to helping young people receive their high school education, as well as Provost Academy, one of Ohio’s great online virtual schools.

Trakas is dedicated to improving the lives of others, and many of the proceeds of this enterprise are dedicated to social services and improving the lives of the people of the community and the promotion of Judeo-Christian values, the foundation of Western Civilization and The United States of America. This company could not have started without the help and support of his parents and in laws, Peter W. and Kathy L. Trakas and James Blakely and Jean Dour Kennedy, and is dedicated to the memory of “The Greatest Generation” in hopes of inspiring an even greater one through educational power.

  Our Instructors  
  Bill Pappas
Certified public accountant, small business owner, and investor.
William E. Pappas is a Certified Public Accountant and Partner in American Online Learning Center. Licensed as a CPA since 1983, Bill has lived in Northeast Ohio his whole life, and has spent a career providing valuable financial advice to clients based on practical experience he has spent building businesses.
  Hon. James Peter Trakas
Hon. James Peter Trakas is the legislative father of Ohio’s Third Frontier high technology jobs initiative, as well as the author of 14 bills and dozens of amendments to become law in Ohio, including eliminating Ohio’s electric chair. He served on the House Finance Committee Higher Education Subcommittee, and also is responsible for creating a work group that saved Ohio taxpayers and college students millions of dollars at Ohio’s public universities through the consolidation of back office functions and technology, The North East Ohio University Collaboration Commission.

In his post-legislative career, Trakas ran two consulting companies and was sub-Cabinet official as Executive Director of The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology. During his 2 /12 year tenure 2011-13, Trakas greatly revised the Ohio Administrative Code and sought changes to Ohio Revised Code, utilized technology to save money for the state agency without negatively impacting its employees, oversaw a change in the inspection and testing parts of The Board, and was responsible for the work team that earned the Governor’s Award for Excellence in 2012, the first time the Agency had ever been so recognized.

Trakas is the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of American Online Learning Center.

  Kim Lash
Intervention Specialist and Licensed Social Worker
Kim Lash has educational training as a teacher, guidance counselor, licensed Social Worker, and certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. Twenty years of valuable experience and practical application of those skills to access and evaluate counseling services to a wide range of clientele.
  Melinda Moore
Clinical Psychology Ph D. and Addictive Behavior Specialist
Dr. Melinda M. Moore helps people every day as they struggle with depression, and other behavioral issues from the Veterans Administration Hospital in Lexington, KY. Possessing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC), an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Catholic University, an M.A. in General Psychology, The Catholic University of America and a B.A. in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, The Ohio State University, Doctor Moore possesses extensive knowledge and training in the behavioral health field.
  Theodore Parran, MD
Medical Professional with Addiction and Substance Abuse Specialty
Wang Professor of Medical Education, CWRU School of Medicine Associate Medical Director, Rosary Hall, St. Vincent Charity Hospital.
  Bob Reid
Retired Sheriff, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
A 30 year veteran of law enforcement including as Sheriff of Ohio’s largest county, Police Cheif of the suburb of Bedford, and a 20 year patrolman, Bob Reid is an expereinced law enforcement officer who graduated from the FBI’s Academy.

Reid served his country after graduation from Mayfield, Ohio High School and served in Ohio Army National Guard, 107th Armed Cavalry, where he was honorably discharged in 1969. He received an associates degree in arts from Cuyahoga Community College in 1971 and in 1972 graduated from Cleveland State University with a BBA in Management.

  Danny Thomas
Anger Intervention Specialist
Mr. Thomas is the Vice President of Christopher Amira Salon and Spa and the Founder of Change of Direction, a social service agency that offers mentoring to young people . Thomas grew up in Aliquippa, PA. attending Hopewell High School and received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Louisville. Mr. Thomas was an All-American in football, and later received a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Louisville. In 1987 Mr. Thomas was a free agent in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns. He was injured and placed on injured reserve for the season. He worked in the Public School System for two years, where he saw first- hand the challenges that young people face.
  Chris L. Adelman, MD
Medical Director, Rosary Hall St. Vincent CharityHospital, Cleveland, OH
A 1979 graduate of the University of Oklahoma Medical School, Dr.Adelman’s interest in addiction medicine dates back to his first assignment as an emergency room physician in Montana, where he quickly became the first medical director of the hospital’s addiction treatment program.
  Buddy Graf
Loss Prevention Expert
Buddy Graf serves as Vice President of Business Development and Risk Management at Discount Drug Mart in Medina, Ohio. A 40 year veteran of the retail industry, who has worked his way up from a store stock boy to Vice President of a substantial consumer retail chain in the Midwest, Graf has a wide array of experience in management and retail operations.
  Dr. Russell Goodwin
Addiction and Substance Abuse Expert
Russell J. Goodwin is a highly experienced professional with a unique set of skills as a therapist and trainer. Mr. Goodwin works extensively with both individuals and corporations at IMPACT Solutions as coordinator for these services.

On the private practice side, Mr. Goodwin counsels adolescents, young adults, and adults who are dealing with chemical dependency and other addictions, co-dependency, adolescent disorders, family parenting and relationship issues, adjustment disorders, abuse, anxiety, depression, and anger/behavioral management issues. Mr. Goodwin also does marital/couples/family therapy and conducts chemical dependency assessments and interventions.

  Jeff Hastings
Counsel at the law firm of Collins & Scanlon, LLP
Jeff Hastings is a former Judge of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas and is currently Of Counsel at the law firm of Collins & Scanlon, LLP in downtown Cleveland, OH. His practice is primarily focused on criminal defense matters and throughout his career has handled over a 1,000 criminal matters in municipal, state and federal courts. Previously, Jeff served as the Managing Attorney for the Cleveland Office of the Ohio Attorney General and since April 2007 has been a Member of the Cuyahoga Board of Elections and served as the Board’s Chairman from April 2007 to December 2012.
  Reasons to Enroll  
    1.   Affordable Corrective Learning at Your Pace
AOLC programs cost a fraction of what it costs to go to in person courses, and the learner can learn at their pace, and according to their schedule.
    2.   Expert Courses
Expert Courses, part of our slogan, but our local experts with decades of hands on experience in treating people in a caring and effective manner makes a big difference. These professionals serve the public every day, and they look forward to serving you.
    3.   Improved Lives
Improved Lives, the other part of our slogan, these programs provide solid advice and uplifting “can-do” learning experiences that, if followed, can improve the lives of all who take the courses.
    4.   Learning Punishments That Are Both Compassionate and Realistic
It is important to learn a lesson, and these lessons are taught with improving the life of each user, and not in a condescending manner.
    5.   First of Its Kind Tools for Courts and Schools
The tools on AOLC provide cost effective and convenient programs to those in need of these programs. Fines are not working as deterrents the way we had hoped, so these learning punishments really can make a difference to keep your community safe.
    6.   Innovative Programs
Innovative programs that allow Judges, Mayors, and Magistrates to offer community protection in ways that had not been envisioned, and make those court systems a leader in modern technology innovation.
    7.   Learn When You're Ready to Learn
Affords the user the opportunity to take corrective learning classes not only at their pace, but when they are ready to learn, and avoids the dilemma of learning with others in a group setting that many are uncomfortable in.
    8.   Designed for All Ages
Learning programs that are geared from Juveniles to Senior Citizens and everything in between. Our experts present material in a manner that everyone can understand.
    9.   Real-World Approach
These courses are presented in normal settings, not fancy Hollywood settings with slick presenters, but real people from the streets of our cities and towns who are not academics, but practical application people with loads of experience.
    10.   Lessons That Are Interesting, Informative, and Challenging
Not too easy, not too hard, and measured learning. At the end of each program, life changing lessons are learned and people have a positive feeling about what they can do to lead very productive lives and be contributors to our society.


  Here's What Our Partners and Students Have to Say  

On-line training is most valuable because it's available when people are ready to use it. And it's available in a way that can be done privately. Most people with an alcohol abuse or drug abuse problem or with addiction are really ashamed. They don't want to go to groups, they don't want to talk about it in public. But they are willing to learn about it in private. And so therefore they can watch on-line modules and do very very well in terms of learning the basics of what they need to do next in order to tackle their problem in a responsible and appropriate way.
- Dr. Ted Parran
Cleveland, Ohio
Diversion helps people to turn their lives around. These online programs will be a great benefit to courts, judges, and to the people who deserve a second chance.
- Judge Jeffrey P. Hastings
Retired Common Pleas Judge
North Royalton, Ohio
Wow, I was not expecting this! The course really helped me make sense of what I was doing, and helped me take a much better path. I love being online, and this really helped me as a convenient way to learn a lot.
- Natalie B.
Athens, Ohio
This program kept it real. I am from the streets, and the presenter was from the streets. I liked how real it was.
- Demetrious Y.
I really liked the diversity of the programs, the people were like me, and I learn better like that. I think a lot of people can benefit from these courses, I did. It was my teachable moment.
- Yvonne R.
What a great experience. The program really spoke to me and made me realize that yes, I can live a better life, and the advice was just great. I am using that advice now, and things are really a lot better for me.
- Jose X.
Grove City, Ohio
This was really helpful. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and now I can control my temper more. I think this works for people like me who don’t need to be lectured to, but treated with respect.
- LaShonte W.
Bedford Hts., Ohio
What a really comprehensive program that taught me a lot. I wish I had learned some of this earlier in life, but now I can deal with people and problems better. I didn’t want to do this, but am glad I did.
- Kim T.
Greenville, Ohio
A program like this that was pretty inexpensive should be available to many more people. Not only did I learn a lot, but am applying it to life. This was really a value for me, and I am glad I learned so much.
- John D.
Delta, Ohio
I learned a lesson. I didn’t think I would, but this was really refreshing, diverse, and being a single mom, was affordable and convenient.
- Ja’Nae’ S.
Steubenville, Ohio
So much great information in one lesson. I didn’t have to leave my house to learn what I never heard at home or in school. I am grateful for this chance to turn my life around, and I am doing just that.
- Nick B.
Poland, Ohio

If you've had a chance to experience American Online Learning Center, please send your feedback or comments to: feedback@AmericanOLC.com
  News & Events  
05/19/2014 AmericanOLC Launches to the Public
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