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Kim Lash   

Intervention Specialist and Licensed Social Worker
Kim Lash has educational training as a teacher, guidance counselor, licensed Social Worker, and certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. Twenty years of valuable experience and practical application of those skills to access and evaluate counseling services to a wide range of clientele.

With an undergraduate B.S. from The Ohio State University in Education, a Masters of Arts in Counseling and Human Services from John Carroll University, A Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio since 1990, and certifications as a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and Guidance Counselor, Kim Lash possesses a wide educational background to help people through life’s problems.

In 1989, Lash became an Assessment and Referral specialist, Alcoholism Services of Cleveland, Ohio where she assisted people with substance abuse and addiction problems. She has been seeing patients for since that time as a Family/Individual/Intervention counselor where she: Provided assessments, individual therapy, family therapy, and chemical dependency interventions to adolescents and adults, evaluates adults, adolescents and families for depression, anxiety and related DSM –IV-TR diagnosis, works with teachers, coaches, physicians in the Cuyahoga, Geauga, and Lake Communities to coordinate services for individuals and/or families. Lash currently serves as a guidance counselor in the Cleveland Hts.-University Hts. Schools and also sees private patients. Her knowledge of Anger Management is extensive.

Calm, Cool, Collected, Respected: Controlling Anger
Controlling Anger and Real Life Scenarios
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