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More Than Thou Shall Not: Changing Your LIfe to Stop Theft and Shoplifting   
Comprehensive and life changing best describe this thorough program that guides the user to understand the consequences of theft, the high cost to them and to society of shoplifting and theft, and makes the user examine the root causes of their behavior and provides critical life changing tools to make changes in their lives so as to not to repeat the behavior.

Taking the best of international and national theft and shoplifting cessation programs, this program also uses the Midwestern sensibilities of the Buckeye state to create changed behavior in the user. Presented by former Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid, this program utilizes the 30 plus year legal expertise of former Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey P. Hastings who has both represented and had to sentence criminal defendants. Reid offers insights from over 30 years as a law enforcement perspective and uses strong insight from Ohio shoplifting prevention expert Buddy Graf of Ohio’s Discount Drug Mart stores, with life changing behavioral professional Dr. Melinda M. Moore, with a deep background in Behavior and Clinical Psychology who offers solid clinical approach as to why people have chosen to steal and what steps they can make in their lives to make critical changes to stop the behavior.

Understanding Shoplifting
Shoplifting has so many causes, affects, and costs and all are presented to you in this lesson. Topical conversations about how the law approaches shoplifting and theft, as well as the employer community and how shoplifting affects your life now and into the future. This course proves beyond a doubt that retailers know the techniques and tricks of shoplifting, how they monitor their customers, and shows the reality that theft and shoplifting will be caught as technology has advanced so that shoplifting and theft are no longer crimes that can be gotten away with.
Self Help and Analysis
The good news is that shoplifting is curable, and this lesson deals with the psychological and emotional needs that people struggle with and how they can obtain help to overcome the difficulties that lead people to steal. This uplifting program offers hope to those in need and will surprise many about what are the root causes of many thefts and shoplifting cases, and the mental health choices available to you to overcome this and put it in your past.
Course Specs
This course is comprised of two lessons which cover what you need to know about changing your life to stop theft and shoplifting.
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Lesson List
Understanding Shoplifting
Self Help and Analysis
Course Instructors
  Melinda Moore  
  Clinical Psychology Ph D. and Addictive Behavior Specialist
Dr. Melinda M. Moore helps people every day as they struggle with depression, and other behavioral issues from the Veterans Administration Hospital in Lexington, KY. Possessing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC), an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Catholic University, an M.A. in General Psychology, The Catholic University of America and a B.A. in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, The Ohio State University, Doctor Moore possesses extensive knowledge and training in the behavioral health field.
  Bob Reid  
  Retired Sheriff, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
A 30 year veteran of law enforcement including as Sheriff of Ohio’s largest county, Police Cheif of the suburb of Bedford, and a 20 year patrolman, Bob Reid is an expereinced law enforcement officer who graduated from the FBI’s Academy.

Reid served his country after graduation from Mayfield, Ohio High School and served in Ohio Army National Guard, 107th Armed Cavalry, where he was honorably discharged in 1969. He received an associates degree in arts from Cuyahoga Community College in 1971 and in 1972 graduated from Cleveland State University with a BBA in Management.

  Buddy Graf  
  Loss Prevention Expert
Buddy Graf serves as Vice President of Business Development and Risk Management at Discount Drug Mart in Medina, Ohio. A 40 year veteran of the retail industry, who has worked his way up from a store stock boy to Vice President of a substantial consumer retail chain in the Midwest, Graf has a wide array of experience in management and retail operations.
  Jeff Hastings  
  Counsel at the law firm of Collins & Scanlon, LLP
Jeff Hastings is a former Judge of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas and is currently Of Counsel at the law firm of Collins & Scanlon, LLP in downtown Cleveland, OH. His practice is primarily focused on criminal defense matters and throughout his career has handled over a 1,000 criminal matters in municipal, state and federal courts. Previously, Jeff served as the Managing Attorney for the Cleveland Office of the Ohio Attorney General and since April 2007 has been a Member of the Cuyahoga Board of Elections and served as the Board’s Chairman from April 2007 to December 2012.
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