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Welcome to American Online Learning Center  
If you have been referred to this intervention program, you have come to the right place to get on the path to improvement. The interactive courses within this site will help you to achieve the certification and education that will help you to improve your life with effective, evidence based skills to change behavior for the better.
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The Curriculum
These interactive online courses are designed to help you resolve your current violations and avoid new ones.
Calm, Cool, Collected, Respected: Controlling Anger
Providing four separate and distinct ways to control anger and angry situations, this course can help teenagers and senior citizens alike with critical practical lessons.
More Than Thou Shall Not: Changing Your LIfe to Stop Theft and Shoplifting
Comprehensive and life changing best describe this thorough program that guides the user to understand the consequences of theft, the high cost to them and to society of shoplifting and theft, and makes the user examine the root causes of their behavior and provides critical life changing tools to make changes in their lives so as to not to repeat the behavior.
Understanding Substance Abuse and Addiction
This introduction to addiction is a foundation as a first program that provides lifesaving opportunities, and is the keystone to learning the important first step to admit addiction, understand addiction before a user can deal with it appropriately.
The Empowered Family: Addiction Programming for Parents, Family, Friends, and Community
This dynamic and honest program presented by Doctors Parran and Adelman based on their decades of treatment will open the eyes of others around the person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and allow them to truly help the person.
Financial Literacy: Money Matters
This Course provides you with proven financial approaches that will help you, regardless of your situation, learn more about finances and overcome financial difficulties.  With this Course you will achieve financial literacy and be able to put your fiscal house in order.
Respect Yourself! Alcohol, Drugs, and Smart Choices
In this course for juveniles we will be discussing how to make smart, healthy choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Both legal and illegal drugs can be deadly when abused, and underage drinking can have devastating effects.
Healthy Relationships: Self-Esteem, Bullying, and Safe Online Citizenship
In this course for juveniles we will be discussing how to defend yourself from peer pressure. We will also be covering how to make smart, healthy choices when it comes to media and online behavior.
Top 10 Reasons to Learn with American Online Learning Center
1.  Affordable Corrective Learning at Your Pace
AOLC programs cost a fraction of what it costs to go to in person courses, and the learner can learn at their pace, and according to their schedule.
2.  Expert Courses
Expert Courses, part of our slogan, but our local experts with decades of hands on experience in treating people in a caring and effective manner makes a big difference. These professionals serve the public every day, and they look forward to serving you.
3.  Improved Lives
Improved Lives, the other part of our slogan, these programs provide solid advice and uplifting “can-do” learning experiences that, if followed, can improve the lives of all who take the courses.
4.  Learning Punishments That Are Both Compassionate and Realistic
It is important to learn a lesson, and these lessons are taught with improving the life of each user, and not in a condescending manner.
5.  First of Its Kind Tools for Courts and Schools
The tools on AOLC provide cost effective and convenient programs to those in need of these programs. Fines are not working as deterrents the way we had hoped, so these learning punishments really can make a difference to keep your community safe.
Dr. Ted Parran (Cleveland, Ohio )
On-line training is most valuable because it's available when people are ready to use it. And it's available in a way that can be done privately. Most people with an alcohol abuse or drug abuse problem or with addiction are really ashamed. They don't want to go to groups, they don't want to talk about it in public. But they are willing to learn about it in private. And so therefore they can watch on-line modules and do very very well in terms of learning the basics of what they need to do next in order to tackle their problem in a responsible and appropriate way.
Judge Jeffrey P. Hastings (North Royalton, Ohio )
Diversion helps people to turn their lives around. These online programs will be a great benefit to courts, judges, and to the people who deserve a second chance.
Natalie B. (Athens, Ohio )
Wow, I was not expecting this! The course really helped me make sense of what I was doing, and helped me take a much better path. I love being online, and this really helped me as a convenient way to learn a lot.
Demetrious Y. (Cincinnati,Ohio )
This program kept it real. I am from the streets, and the presenter was from the streets. I liked how real it was.
Yvonne R. (Ohio )
I really liked the diversity of the programs, the people were like me, and I learn better like that. I think a lot of people can benefit from these courses, I did. It was my teachable moment.
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